Hotsheet 2020-2021

The genesis of the Hot Sheet exhibition is to annually highlight the work of a group of exceptional, if lesser known, artists who are all interested in deconstructing, transforming, and reconfiguring the photographic medium. In our second year of exhibiting, we would like to invite you to explore the work of our eleven thought provoking artists. 

Notes from the Curator: 

This exhibition is a conversation, perhaps even an interrogation, of how to use photography in a new way in a world where we are bombarded with images, selfies, ‘pics.’ These artists rip the medium to shreds, in one case literally. Though I can see that there was a certain violence, a certain investigative and sometimes physical aggression involved in the making of these works, the result is quite the opposite. The works are often calming, meditative, reflective, self-possessed. They create space for the viewer to think in a time when thinking is quite terrifying. Photographs, ‘pics,’ in our online existences seem to demand our attention, to say “LOOK AT ME.” The works in this exhibition offer an invitation, not a demand. They don’t need our attention, though they deserve it, because they are about paying attention. I believe each of these artist are paying attention to something worth a look.



Jasper Jones - Curator/Manager

Jasper Jones is a creative working in the files of photography, curation, art direction and film.  Based in London started his practice studying photographic art at the University of Westminster. Graduating with a first in 2015, he then went on to work at  The Ravestijn Gallery based in Amsterdam. His most recent role at Millennium Images included running and managing the highly regarded photography competition Peaches and Cream. Throughout this period Jones has exhibited and curated exhibitions as well as taking shows to UNSEEN photo festival. In November 2018 he held first self lead solo exhibition / book launch, displaying his latest work ‘Scroll’ and a series of abstracted vinyl prints. His practice now surrounds the meeting between fabric and photography, working with vinyl at the core of his work. Hot Sheet is Jones's annual exhibition that he runs and curated a selected of emerging artist that work surrounds the photographic. 

Lucy Campbell-Molloy - Curatorial Assistant 

Photographer, recent graduate and multidisciplinary creative from and based in London. Lucy's interests surround fashion/editorial and documentary photography, as well as curation and print in the visual arts.  Currently pursuing opportunities in curatorial and editorial environments as well as building her knowledge on these industries. Lucy's practice explores not only photography but also curation, book design and print as specialist areas of study. 



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