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Hot Sheet, is a salon-style an exhibition seeks to celebrate the use of photography within art.

The Sound of Reverie I, 2019 

Mandy Franca

Mandy Franca (b. 1989, Rotterdam) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in London, UK. Franca investigates the influence of the digital realm on contemporary artefacts, our identity and the influence of migration. 

In her work she maps out what contemporary and personal artefacts could be in a time when the internet plays an important part in our lives. It has a large influence on how our identity is formed but also in how we communicate and archive. Mandy is interested in the way these new artefacts arise and the (digital) materiality that is linked to them. Artefacts are bound to a location. They are a representation of identity and culture, a reflection of our time. With the advent of the digital age and the ability to travel and migrate, everything seems to become 'fluid', even our identity. Our identity is fragmented and therefore also the form of how contemporary artefacts arise. This notion of rootlessness is at the centre of Mandy’s work. Its relevance will only grow in the future and with her work Mandy wants to bring that complexity to attention.

Her work is an on-going investigation into (inter) human relationships, drawing from life experiences and her personal archive. Mandy incorporates these subjects into drawings, collage, video, print, sculpture and textile so that they become detached from assumptions and prejudiced ideas without losing their emotion. 

Mandy completed her BA in Fashion at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2016) and is currently finishing her MA in Print at The Royal College of Art in London, UK.  

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