Chemigrams, 2020 - Ongoing

Mark Tamer

Mark is an experimental photographer that embraces accidents and errors in his work, as they not only remind us how vulnerable and delicate we are they can often reveal the base elements of the apparatus of photography, the material that creates those illusions of reality. Ultimately it is a balance between chance and control and between construction and destruction.

Operator's Manual is an exploration of the spiral forms we observe in organic structures throughout nature: snail shells, draining water, weather systems, DNA structure, distant galaxies, leaf formations and in cultural symbols throughout history right back to the Stone Age. It’s a form that alludes to the natural cycles we experience but often ignore.

The work is created without a camera or darkroom, using photographic chemicals and forms of “resist” (honey, oil, molasses) placed directly onto the paper. The process utilises fluid dynamics to let the chemicals react and speak for themselves.

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