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Hot Sheet(s) is our first publication, housing the Hot Sheet 2020 artists and their indented exhibits. This unique publication embodies the goals of Hot Sheet, celebrating the ever-evolving ways artists utilise photography within their practice. Working with designer/artist Inga Mačiulytė,  curator Jasper Jones and Inga's intention with this publication was to both translate and fortify these works. 

This year’s emerging artists challenge our understanding of photography by deconstructing, transforming, and reconfiguring the medium literally and figuratively. Whilst photography is integral to the artist’s processes, their art pushes boundaries and makes us question what photography is capable of.  

All profits of the book towards a 2021  Hot Sheet exhibition in London. 


Mark Tamer 

Seungwon Jung

Amber Baverstock

Patricia Voulgaris

Ant Eye 

Holly Buckle

Joy Maxwell-Davis 

Mandy Franca

Katie Eleanor

Fiorella Angelini

John Atherton

Gage Solaguren & Inga Mačiulytė


Designer: Inga Mačiulytė

Curator: Jasper Jones

Illustrator: Katie Opländer

Sponsor: Travers Smith 


Edition of 150 

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