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Hi all, Hotsheet has had to make some adjustments to this year’s exhibition. We like so many exhibitions have been up against it with COVID-19. In a response to this lack of safe public space, I decided to create a publication to house this year’s amazing exhibits. Over the last few months, I have been working with the very talented Inga maciulyte to design this limited edition publication, Hotsheet(s). We are know coming into the finish stages of our design process, and thought we’d give you a sneak peek of the back cover! ⁠

We commissioned the wonderful Artist Katie_Oplaender to design the front and back cover artwork. Drawing inspiration from our 2020 exhibitors. ⁠

We will be sharing the work of this year’s artists over the coming weeks and be teasing our Hotsheet(s) deets! SO Stay tuned. ⁠

We won’t be defeated!

I regret to inform you that we have to cancel this year’s exhibition. Due to Covid-19, our event space has decided to cancel this year’s exhibition. We are currently working on a strategy for this year’s event and will keep you all posted on our plans. 

September Better Watch out

Hotsheet is back baby, Covid-19 may have got in the way for our May launch, but we are all set for our new mid-September Dates. 18th-20th September at Downstairs at The Department Store, Brixton is the thing to remember. 

This year’s emerging artists challenge our understanding of photography by deconstructing, transforming and reconfiguring the medium literally and figuratively. Whilst photography is integral to the artist’s processes, their art pushes boundaries and makes us question what photography is capable of.