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Hot Sheet, is a salon-style an exhibition seeks to celebrate the use of photography within art.

Yarn, 2019

Sohaila Baluch

Sohaila Baluch's work deals predominantly with loss, the infinite shapes it can take and the multitude of impressions it leaves on us. Her images explore intrinsic aspects of the human condition and the mortality that taunts us all. By presenting a bleak stripped down view, focusing on the dialogue between the intimacy and distance of isolation her images encourage the spectator to simultaneously observe from afar and be drawn directly in. Her structured compositions displace narratives whilst allowing the line between fact and fiction to remain fluid. For the piece Yarn the artist collected and stitched actual red yarn onto canvas, photographed it and digitally manipulated the resulting images. The work references both the nature of yarn itself, how it is often presented in a circular form, used in knitting circles, as well as the circular natures of stories, dialogue and disputes, often it is hard to tell where the beginning is and where it ends. Yarn was purposely constructed in red to emulate the colour of blood and to reflect that ultimately our commonality should bind us rather than separate us.

Sohaila Baluch graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2003 and currently lives and works in London. As well as continually extending her practise she is an Image Consultant at Millennium Images specialising in securing image rights for numerous clients including International and National Publishers, Advertising companies and Consumer Magazines. Sohaila also currently works at BAPLA the UK trade association for picture libraries and agencies, and continues to work as an Arts educator, and sessional Fine Art Lecturer across London and the UK. Her works are held in many private collections across Europe and USA. 

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