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Hot Sheet, is a salon-style an exhibition seeks to celebrate the use of photography within art.

Untitled from project, ‘An Absolutely Realistic Recording?’, 2019, 2019

Ryan Nosworthy 

Ryan Nosworthy is progressively concerned with image as object touching upon archival urges stemming from a continuous overload of imagery and product.

His primary concern is with truth in the image, searching for a concrete experience that is carried through photography, investigating mutual sensory activities that allow for a truer and more existent representation of the objects depicted. 

Interesting now, is the role of the photographer and their employment in documenting the world that surrounds them. What was once a laborious individual pursuit, where the photographer would take considerable time to photographically process signs in a darkened room, slowly turns into a digital playground. Culminating in an infinite and immediate representation of the world with unlimited conceivable possibilities, but permanently anchored in the past.  

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