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Untitled from the Project, "Home is Where the HeART is.", 2019

Jake Kehar Gill

Jake Gill is a photographer based in London. After completing an Art & Design Foundation at the City of Bath College, Jake has recently graduated from The University of Westminster with a degree in Photographic Arts.

Jake Gill's work explores the borders of fine art and fashion photography; the hypothesis of Jake's craft originates in communication. He is genuinely intrigued by the human body and the limits of our physical restraints. In his series Toeing The Line, Jake uses the language of fashion to tap into notions of mental health, which reflects his struggles with depression. He is concerned with the body, posture, and garments. Jake uses these three variables to show that communication for some, is challenging. Toeing The Line depicts concepts of self-doubt, masculinity, insecurity, and frustration.

Jake further suggests as we experience globalisation, communication (although more accessible than ever) becomes facile, and our confrontational presence becomes disoriented. However, through digital notification, we become confined to emoticons to express how we feel. To be born into today's world and possess the tenacity to reject the use of a smartphone is indeed an act of revolution.

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